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Expressing myself through my craft has always been a part of my life, for as long as I can remember. Working with my hands began at an early age, sewing, drawing, enjoying the feel of clay.
Creating dolls takes me back to my childhood, I think the seed of creativity is planted in your childhood.

On Completing my studies at Fashion College, I spent a decade creating fancy dress, masquerade and theatrical costumes so I have a keen interest in sewing and costuming which led me to anitque reproduction dolls in the late 80's. I thought it would be a nice way to display period costumes. It didn't take long to be mesemerised by the beauty of the porcelain and in time I started to create my own sculpted figures.

I enjoy observing the human form and translating it into figurative art, I gain great self satisfaction in making each detail as perfect as my ability allows. It is very rewarding to support myself by working with my hands, controllong the process and take something from a thought, and then turn a piece of clay into a human form.